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Wirelessly synchronize your BlackBerry with the web, Microsoft Outlook and Mac! Syncamatic is the first to deploy BlackBerry Push technology to instantly and wirelessly synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad and Tasks over the air.

  • Powerful

    - Full Wireless Sync: Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Memos, Tasks
    - Sync multiple BlackBerry devices (Including: 9900, 9930)
    - Unlimited number of data items
    - Stay current with your busy agendas
  • Efficient

    - Immediate sync using BlackBerry Push technology
    - Data is instantly pushed instead of regularly pulled
    - Longer battery life and reduced data traffic
    - Reduced waiting time and increased productivity
  • Convenient

    - Supports Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 (32 and 64bit)
    - Supports Macintosh AddressBook, iCal, Reminder Notes, To-Do
    - Manage data using a web browser from anywhere
    - Self-automated software updates
  • Secured

    - Data is encrypted and password protected
    - Locate and track your device on Google Maps
    - Remotely lock your device and protect sensitive data
    - Restore data on a new device


Syncamatic Live! Syncamatic Live! + Outlook Syncamatic Live! + Mac Syncamatic Suite
Sync Contacts, Calendar, Notes & Tasks
Syncs with Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010
Syncs with Mac
Push Service
Sync with web
Device Recovery
Multiple Calendars
24/7 Support
File Sync (Coming Soon)
Price per Month FREE! $6.99 $6.99 $9.99
Price per Year FREE!  $59.88 
 (Ave. $4.99/mo.) 
$39.99 NOW
Limited time offer
 (Ave. $4.99/mo.) 
$39.99 NOW
Limited time offer
(Ave. $5.59/mo.)
Note: All prices are in U.S. Dollars.
*For Free version, some features of Device Recovery are limited.

Create a Syncamatic Account

Choose one of the following. (Credit card or payment info is not required.)

  • Download for BlackBerry

    - Open web browser in BlackBerry
    - Type in this address:

    -- OR --

    Supported BlackBerry OS:
    4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0

  • Download for Outlook 2007,2010

    (Outlook 2003 is not supported)

    System Requirements:
    - Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    - Storage: 10MB hard-disk space
    - Run Syncamatic in BlackBerry
    - from main menu, select Help -> Outlook Setup Instructions

  • Download for Mac

    System Requirements:
    - Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
    - CPU: Intel or PowerPC
    - Run Syncamatic in BlackBerry
    - from main menu, select Help -> Mac Setup Instructions

Version History

Syncamatic Outlook version Sept 02, 2011

Update instruction: restart Microsoft Outlook

  • FixedDuplicate appointments from meeting invites
  • FixedImproved recurring appointment sync
  • FixedImproved overall appointment sync algorithm

Syncamatic BlackBerry version 2.5.0 Sept 01, 2011

Update instruction: Run Syncamatic in BlackBerry, from menu click "Check for Updates"

  • FixedDuplicate appointments from meeting invites
  • FixedMemo content missing if word matches with title
  • FixedRandom HTML characters in Memo after sync
  • MiscImproved auto-update scheduling

Syncamatic Mac version 1.0b10 July 31, 2011

Update instruction: Open Syncamatic in Mac, select Syncamatic menu > Check for Updates

  • NewSupports Mac Lion
  • FixedFixed intermittent crash due to expired authentication crendentials
  • MiscImproved auto-update scheduling

Syncamatic BlackBerry app version 2.4.7 June 19th 2011

Syncamatic BlackBerry updates is available. Now supports BlackBerry memos saved in multiple-languages.
How to update Syncamatic BlackBerry: open web browser, go to

  • NewAuto retry to sync when server cannot be reached dur to weak signal or temporary network issues.
  • FixedSaving Memo in multiple-languages.

Syncamatic Outlook Plug-in version June 2nd 2011

Syncamatic Outlook now supports syncing with Microsoft Business Contact Manager and custom data folders.
How to update Syncamatic Outlook: restart Outlook

  • NewAllow syncing with any specific Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes folder
  • NewSupports Microsoft Business Contact Manager
  • FixedMulti-day all day event
  • FixedTask due date timestamp in European timezone

Syncamatic BlackBerry and Outlook May 25th 2011

Both of the Syncamatic BlackBerry app(v2.4.5) and Outlook plug-in( are updated.
How to update Syncamatic BlackBerry: open web browser, go to
How to update Syncamatic Outlook: restart Outlook

  • NewSynchronize Contact's categories
  • NewAuto-update capabilities in BlackBerry App World
  • FixedTask reminder sync
  • FixedUnable to login after created account from web
  • MiscReduced log information
  • MiscUpdated Outlook/Mac setup instructions

Syncamatic BlackBerry app v2.4.4 April 20th 2011

Version 2.4.4 of the Syncamatic BlackBerry app is available at App World as well as the OTA download link:

  • FixedSync Outlook and BB's Task reminder settings
  • Misc Minor bug fixes during initial sync process



May 15, 2012

Good and Useful!!!

After finishing the trail period, ii decided to purchase this app even it is a bit pricey. It works perfectly. It help me a lots in working since outlook is too important to me!
April 05, 2012

Get it now!

Ok I have Macbook so tried iphone to use icloud to synchronise everything. It wasn't brill so went back to BlackBerry phone found this app and everything on phone and mac syncronise perfectly. You can try before you buy and is currently cheaper than price advertised but to be honest it has other features like lost phone locater, option to remotely wipe phone if its lost or stolen, full backup of your stuff....just get it you won't regret it. Missed off one star hope it will soon be once only payment instead of yearly subscription. I love it thank you so much x
March 07, 2012

The best app ever FACT

The most amazing app out there, well done, visit website for a whole host of features
February 10, 2012


This is what has been missing between BB and outlook. It really is an amazing piece of kit. Some existing recurring appointments didn't map over correctly otherwise it would have been 5*. I don't know how I lived without it! Add an appointment or contact in Outlook or BB and it appears in the other. Brilliant for anyone working remotely or on the road.
February 08, 2012


February 07, 2012


This is fantastic. The app does what they say! I have Now the full version.
January 05, 2012


Excelente! Un 10!
October 20, 2011

Best app ever used!

I had a issue (on my end) and customer service was quick at responding. This app is clean and so easy to use via phone and PC. I can stay organized and don't need a paper planner or have to mess around with BB sync software. Doesn't drain battery and syncs immediately. I use the free version but if they upgrade with more features I'd pay a small fee.
September 25, 2011


After hours of frustration with googlesync and endless duplicate entries aftwr every sync, I downloaded the Syncamatic and it's perfect. It does exaxtly what is expected with contacts, recurring items with no end date and everything else. With its PC site - and outlook compatibity makes it just what you're looking for!
---Dean Keren
September 07, 2011

works great

September 02, 2011

Very useful

Is an excellent tool to keep blackberry and outlook up to date. I realy like it because now i don't have to sincronize with cables or blue tooth, always the calendar, notes, address book and task are automatically sincronized.
August 31, 2011

great app

After trying a lot of other sync applications, finally here is one that REALLY works!! Simple to use and does what is supposed (sync contacts, calendar and tasks with Outlook). In portuguese: Depois de inúmeros testes com outras aplicações do género, finalmente aqui está uma que realmente funciona!! Fácil de usar e faz exactamente o que é suposto (sincroniza contactos, calendário e tarefas com o Outlook).
August 28, 2011

I really Love this app!

I've syncronized MY phone & computer a few times! I Love how it works! NO complaints!
August 22, 2011

appli super

Merci pour cette app geniale
August 16, 2011

love it!

I like the auto sync feature,it makes things a lot easier.
August 09, 2011

very very good

Very good! I give five star
August 06, 2011

I love this app.. good work @SlimBoy

It let me sync wit no prob... Just go to the webiste and find everything u have in ur BB... Great work guys...
July 30, 2011


Now I can sync all my contacts, my calendar etc with my mac. Very easy to use and highly recommended for Mac users.
July 25, 2011


Good app
July 23, 2011


July 15, 2011


I love this app
June 30, 2011

better app.

Comes on time, is operational! Provides needed power!
June 27, 2011


Best app on the market.. Very helpful. Excellent!!!
June 19, 2011


Easy to use. I give 5 stars
June 15, 2011

Justo lo q estaba buscando

Por fin consegui una aplicacion donde pudiera guardar toda mi informacion y poder verla en mi laptop!!! Es recomiendo mucho
June 14, 2011

Great App

Using it with ical on mac works well. Worth paying for the subscription.
--Paul Ashton
June 09, 2011

muy bueno!!!

Excelente app!!!
June 02, 2011

simply perfect

I'm using this App since one week for the sync with Outlook210. The app is nearly perfect and very easy to use. With this app I don't need a BES. It syncs all contacts with pictures, calender, tasks and notes. The support is very fast and friendly. This app makes the BB perfect!
April 16 2011


I was a bit skeptical at first, but have been using this app for over a week and it is great. Set wasn't too bad, but could be easier. My primary need, to sync with Outlook on my PC, was met an more!
March 22, 2011

the best Push sync

Huge difference compare to the others. The Push sync is so instant and keeps my battery lasts longer. LUV It!
April 15, 2011

The best yet!

This app is the best I've used so for when it comes to simplicity and syncing to my desktop. I highly recommend it.
March 28, 2011


This thing is just what I'm looking for. It works well even without outlook. And it synchronises immediately!
--By: yatiunik
March 26, 2011

bes pim on a bis phone!

App turns bis devices into bes as far as pim is concerned! Just great!
March 3, 2011

"Top 10 BlackBerry Apps for Work-at-Home Moms"

"Do you hate having to remember to plug your Blackberry in so that you have the correct data on both your Blackberry and your Outlook? Then Syncamatic is an absolute must for you. It's the perfect solution for Outlook users who are not on a Business Enterprise Server. It syncs all your calendar appointments, task lists and memos automatically!"
Jan 19, 2011

"Up-Start Cloud Award Finalist - Syncamatic"

"Since its launch, Syncamatic has been downloaded in over 130 countries worldwide, spanning across over 250 network operators. Nearly 1 million items are being synchronized per week. As Syncamatic gains popularity globally, more users are appreciating the increased organization and productivity that comes along with being able to sync their data instantaneously between their BlackBerry, Mac and PC."
--UP 2010 Cloud Computing Conference
Nov 10, 2010

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